Getting Started – Android

Getting Android Up & Running

What You Need

Pine A64+ Board
Power Supply That Provides 5V 2.0 Amps
A PC With A SD Card Reader
A Minimum 8GB MicroSD Card
Disk Imaging Utility Etcher (Linux/Windows/Mac)

Step 1 Preparation

Logo android marshmallow.jpg

You will require Disk Imaging Utility Etcher (Linux/Windows/Mac) to write the image to your SD card. Download Etcher Linux/Windows/Mac version accordingly and install into your PC.

Step 2 Imaging SD Card

Let’s insert your MicroSD card into your PC/laptop card reader (may require micro to sd converter card) then proceed to use Etcher.

You should see the following


Now click on “Select image” to select the Android image you previously downloaded.  Once selected, click “Select drive” select your SD card drive.  To burn the image to your SD card simply click on “Flash!”.

Once the image has been written to your SD card be sure to close the application and to eject/remove your SD card safely from Windows/Linux/Mac.

Step 3 Booting

Now insert your SD card into the PINE A64+ and power it on by connecting the power adapter cable to the MicroUSB port.

Once booted, you should see the Android home screen.

Note: for first-time users it is recommended that you connect your PINE A64+ to a TV/Monitor capable of 1080p resolutions as well as hook up an ethernet cable to get direct access to the internet.