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Getting Started – PINE64 Installerexternal link
Installing Android to eMMC Guideic-doc

PINE64 Installerexternal link
ROCK64 Linux Github Repoexternal link
ROCK64 Linux – ayufan Github repoexternal link
ROCK64 Android 7.1– ayufan Github repoexternal link
Rockchip Linux Github Repoexternal link
Rockchip Android RKMC (Forked from Kodi 16.1)external link
ROCK64 LibreELEC Raybuntu Github repoexternal link

Rockchip Open Source Wikiexternal link
ROCK64 Schematic v2.0 ic-doc
ROCK64 Pi-2 and Pi P5+ Busic-doc
ROCK64 ES9023 Audio with 10/100Mbps Ethernet Board Schematicic-doc
Rockchip RK805 Datasheet V1.1ic-doc

RK USB Driver and Android ADB Driveric-doc
RK Android Firmware Flashing Tool Using USB-OTGic-doc
RK Android Firmware Tool For Preparing SD Card to eMMC update and SD Card boot imageic-doc
Etcher (Linux/Windows/Mac) – Burn images to SD cards & USB drives, safe & easy.ic-doc
Win32 Disk Imageric-doc
Putty (Serial/Telnet/SSH) Terminal)ic-doc