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Getting Started – PINE64 Installerexternal link
Installing Android to eMMC Guideic-doc

PINE64 Installerexternal link
ROCKPro64 Linux – ayufan Github repoexternal link
Rockchip Linux Github Repoexternal link
Rockchip Android RKMC (Forked from Kodi 16.1)external link

Rockchip Open Source Wikiexternal link
ROCKPro64 Schematic v2.0 ic-doc
ROCKPro64 Pi-2 Definitionic-doc
ROCKPro64 related Datasheetic-doc

RK USB Driver and Android ADB Driveric-doc
RK Android Firmware Flashing Tool Using USB-OTGic-doc
RK Android Firmware Tool For Preparing SD Card to eMMC update and SD Card boot imageic-doc
Etcher (Linux/Windows/Mac) – Burn images to SD cards & USB drives, safe & easy.ic-doc
Win32 Disk Imageric-doc
Putty (Serial/Telnet/SSH) Terminal)ic-doc