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PINE A64 Just Getting Smaller

SOPINE A64 is a compute module powered by the same powerful Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit Processor used in the PINE A64 with 2G LPDDR3 RAM memory, Power Management Unit, SPI Flash and integrated MicroSD Slot (for bootable OS images microSD card). SoPine module has 5 years LTS (Long term Supply) Longevity: committed supply at least until March 2022. There is one year warranty period for SoPine Module.

This tiny compute module uses SODIMM-DDR3 form factor that is commonly found in notebook computers. This allows for flexibility so that makers to integrate multiple SOPINE A64 into their motherboards for projects that require more computing power.

USD 29.00


SOPINE Baseboard “Model A”

SOPINE baseboard complements the SOPINE A64 Compute Module and turns it into a full single board computer. Makers can use this baseboard as reference to develop their own motherboards and for software development during early stages of product development.

USD 14.99