Pinebook Order

A special coupon code is required to buy Pinebook during checkout. Visit Pinebook Build To Order (BTO) Booking page to register, we will fulfill the BTO queue based on first come first served basis and starting on 28 March 2017.  Our sales team will email the special coupon to you when it is your turn in the queue. You can only buy one Pinebook and Pinebook accessories per coupon under PINEBOOK category. During checkout, you MUST use back the same email address you registered in BTO. Due to Lithium-ion battery in Pinebook, the shipment of Pinebook orders will be handled differently from other Pine64 products, that’s the reason we didn’t allow to combined Pinebook order with other Pine64 products.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Click on Pinebook Category to start your order if you have Pinebook special coupon code.